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Night of a Thousand Words Season One was indeed a Huge Success.

A Night Words of Live motivations where Spoken to Challenge our Goals, Dreams and Aspirations.

Words from L-Mickis Just Encourage me don't Discouraged me.

Words that were limitless to build a better 2019 than 2018.

Below are some of the great Event Pictures.
The Event was indeed impactful and Resourceful.

Pastor L-Mickis doing what he Love's to do greatly to Motivate people.
Rome was never built a Day but was build by great Minds indeed this are Nigeria's great minds.

Mr. Jaydee Words were inspiring and Challenging God bless you for your Push.

Jennifer Philip Love Story   Was Emotional and Motivating indeed it awake a broken relationship.

This is a mindshift that look into innovating and Creating of Ideas that will inspire Young Talented Youth to do more when right words are there to push them to Never Giveup or do Drugs.  This Pursue is to empower youth with Words that product Power for but the subconscious and Co…
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Night of a Thousand Words is an Event set aside to Build the Youth Positively with the Right words that they may Lead to Serve.

A night with no Limit of Words to Use as long as it Positive and Motivating. For the Youth Perished for lack of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.

Open Leadership have made it a Season for Empowering the youth with the right words for Action and words that Boost their Moral for 2019 Productivity.

With this drive and Passion, by 2019 there will be a Dynamic Change of Mindset and Goals that will in return develop the Nation.

Night of a Thousand Words 2018

December 14 2018 will be a Great Day Kaduna will Experience Word that Energize Youth for Action come 2019. Night of a Thousand Words a Night our Words will Motivate, Inspire and Challenge Someone who is Heartbroken, someone who is Discourage already, a Night for 2019 Action Plan.


Love Story
Motivational Talks
Spoken Words
Rap etc.

Come and be part of a Global Change. Together we can make a Change in the Community.

Leadership and Self-Awareness

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Leadership Checkmate our November Series. 

Leadership Checkmate

Leadership Checkmate our November Series. 

Leadership Checkmate

Leadership Checkmate our November Series.